Good Friday

This is the most special day! A long and beautiful day! There are processions taking place almost all day, the first one starting at 2pm and the last one finishing at midnight.

Palia on Good Friday

Palia on Good Friday

In Corfu all parish churches organise a procession of their epitaph in an area that encircles the neighbourhood, the church remit. Each procession is peopled by the neighborhood schools, the scouts/guides, a choir, a band and the priests, and of course the followers of that church. The processions in town start early in the afternoon and they become more frequent and larger as the day progresses. Just before the final procession, that of the Corfu Cathedral of St Theodora that begins at 10pm, there takes place the procession of the Catholic Cathedral (9pm).


Good Friday. Photo by Gerasimo Fronimos

Good Friday. Photo by Gerasimo Fronimos

The day comes to a grand finale when, at 10pm, the largest procession of town begins, that of the Corfu Orthodox Cathedral (Ag. Theodora). All schools, bands & choirs of town and old orgs (like scouts, guides, red cross etc.) take part in this procession – and they come in numbers! – that passes through the main spots of the old town of Corfu and some of the most beautiful music of the Corfiot Easter is performed….  The bands play different pieces in this procession than what they were performing all day long. For this procession the “Capodistria” band performs 2 pieces, the “Sventura” by Mariani & Chopin’s’ “Marche Funebre”. The “Mantzaros” performs Verdi’s “Marcia Fubebre” (from Nabucco) and the “Palia” plays the “Adagio” by Albinioni.

Here is a link to a clip that has a kind of an edited version of the music performed in this procession. Unfortunaltely it is recorded in the most touristic spot so there is a lot of clatter. I am only including it here so that you could to get an overall sense of the music performed and of the sizes of the bands.

But please always keep in mind that being a member of a band or a choir is a hobby and that all the musicians appearing on this clip had been musically accompanying preocessions since 2pm that day! This thought always makes me very emotional when I watch and listen to them….

Here are some more links of music as it is performed in this last procession of the day, where each band perform on each video. You cannot see them well but at least you can hear somehow the music. All video clips are shot at Liston (the most crowded spot) and it’s so dark you can’t see them really- so check the previous link too to get a visual understanding of the bands size and their people & then go to these ones to listen to the music:

The links are put here in the order that the bands and the Choir hold in the procession.

First comes Capodistrias Philharmonic:

Then comes Mantzaros Philharmonic:

The final band is that of the so called ‘Palia’. Last but not least, it comes in numbers and with beautiful music:

Here is a video link from the men’s choir that preceeds the priests in this last proecession of the day.

Next day: Click here for events on events on Holy Saturday

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